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Colorado health care providers


National Jewish Health: top respiratory hospital in the country. CHARLES L. DALEY, MD is a very experienced pulmonolgist who serves as  Chief of the Division of Mycobacterial and Respiratory Infections. Dr. Daley has wonderful caring manner, explains issues and listens to patients. In addition to treating patients he conducts research, travels all over the world speaking and consulting on issues of NTM, bronchiectasis and TB. Another extremely competent clinician at National Jewish is SHANNON KASPERBAUER. She's not a globetrotter like Dr Daley so she might have sooner appointments available.


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Re: Colorado health care providers

There are many hospitals and health care providers availing the medical care to people in the cities. But there are plenty of rural areas that lack such quality health services, which is such a sad scenario. To change this, both the public and private health organizations and governing bodies should make effort in bringing quality medical services to such areas.

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