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A Pacific Northwest support group for sufferers of Nontuberculous Mycobacterial (NTM) Infections and Bronchiectasis

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Format to submit YOUR STORY

We encourage you to share your story.  Because our bodies, lung function, overall health, symptoms, health care providers, and reactions to treatments are all different, so too are our stories.  That's how we learn...by sharing.

The first sentence should include (First name and First initial of last name): Born (year); diagnosed in (year) at age (age you were when diagnosed).  For example… Cynthia F: Born 1952; diagnosed in 2011 at age 59. Don't state the age you are "now" because that will be incorrect within a year's time.

We also need a short bit about you...what you like to do, career, kids, where you live, something that lets us know the 'you' beyond the disease. Finally, give a short description of your health issues and treatment path.

Cynthia and Nancy's stories are good examples of length and topics to include, but if you feel the need to say more go right ahead. Email it to Nancy, our group librarian: nrothwell12@gmail.com and she will post. If you wish, we can edit for you...just let us know.


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